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Custom Web Designsaid that the space between the road and the fence should be the same width as it was on the left-hand side.Motorcyclists complain about the fencing but one has to look at the alternative.An RTA spokeswoman said that a study of 191 road crashes found that the barriers resulted in than steel guardrails or concrete barriers.Sergeant Matthew Rees, of Mount Druitt traffic police, said wire-rope fencing was “fantastic” in preventing vehicles from crossing to the other side of the M4.Police are investigating the Graphic Design   February28 crash in which the rider, a 38-year-old Claremont Meadows man, was taken to Nepean Hospital with serious injuries.

With the growing number of wire rope fences available in the market place (Brifen only has three different wire rope fences to suit the various standards used in Australia), there is a trend in some states for the main road departments to push responsibility for selection and certification of product down-stream.

This raises the question what to look for when assessing the performance of aIn the past when there was only one Standard and only a couple of products, the various state main road authorities generally published a table or a list of suitable variations of the products and Contractors adopted an attitude that if the product was on the list or in the table, then it was approved.The trend now is towards having the contractor verify the manufacturer’s claims about their , and having the contractor obtain certified documents to prove the claims.

The contractor now has to know the product, the their site, and the manufacturer.Further the manufacturer now has to be involved and has to provide detailed advice.The manufacturer’s advice needed is not just on the fence product supply, but the , the installation procedures, the maintenance procedures, the OHS issues, the design for various site conditions and various traffic conditions.